About WMMS

About us

World Medical Management Solutions was founded on the idea that prevention is the best form of true cost containment. We know that quality and affordable patient care does not need to be provided in the confines of an office, and that accidents do not always occur during business hours. That’s why we make quality healthcare available when and where it’s convenient to receive it. By providing real-time medical case management we prevent simple cases from becoming complex. To this end, our physicians, medical case management team and our multi-lingual call centers are available to you 24/7/365.

World Medical Management Solutions is more than a third-party claims administrator (TPA). Through our exclusive partnership with World Medical Care, you have access to our worldwide provider network of urgent care clinics and board-certified house call doctors. These healthcare providers can treat up to 90% of the medical occurrences of a traveling or an expat population and they are the spearhead of cost effectiveness, by avoiding the use of complex and thus more expensive medical facilities.

World Medical Care specializes in the treatment of minor illnesses or injuries with a strong emphasis on quality of service and convenience. WMMS provides premium access to the finest, cost-effective medical care professionals and facilities around the globe, allowing your company to have international reach through the one comprehensive vendor.

Our Vision:
We work hard every day to make better health affordable and accessible to our corporate clients.

Our Pledge

Quality and cost effectiveness are our top priorities.
We maximize patient outcomes and minimize payer cost by continuously monitoring episodes of care, both medically and administratively.

We are your advocates.
The healthcare systems in the countries of higher occurrence present different challenges. The key is knowing how to navigate through their ever-changing complexities to ensure the best patient outcomes at a fair price. We are your advocates from beginning to end of each episode of care. Our medical team, translators and negotiators work round the clock, to help you identify the best, in-network providers to ensure that treatment adheres to InterQual guidelines – the gold standard in evidence-based clinical decision support. We expedite the release of medical reporting so that you can make treatment decisions proactively, not reactively. We are available 24/7 to translate for patients, family members, payers and providers, ensuring that your needs and concerns are always addressed.

We are transparent.
By sharing real time auditing results, discussing higher dollar decisions directly and openly with our clients before committing to any expenditure and by providing comprehensive reporting of the most relevant metrics, we ensure that our client have full visibility over their claims.

We add tangible value.
We look at each episode of care holistically, because delivering value means more than producing hard savings. World Medical Care’s house call network and emergency care clinics provide hassle-free solution for patients that avoid emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations in 95 – 97% of episodes of care, worldwide. When a hospitalization is required, World Medical Management Solutions’ medical team directs patients to in-network, cost-effective facilities with the best outcomes by condition-type. Real-time monitoring helps you avoid unnecessary testing and treatment, and we ensure that claims are clean before we negotiate savings on your behalf.

Guaranteed Savings Program.
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