Provider Network

Provider Network

Provider Network

About our Network

The physicians and related professionals in WMMS’ U.S. network serve our insureds with the highest quality care and service.

We focus on operational excellence and best-in-class outcomes, constantly striving to eliminate redundancy and streamline processes for the benefit and value of all stakeholders. Learn why providers have chosen to join our network as partners in managed healthcare:


  • Easy and simple experience
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial discipline
  • Empowering environment

Network Participation

WMMS’ provider network includes more than 5,000 hospitals, over 90,000 ancillary facilities, and over 1 million healthcare professional service locations. Our ever-expanding network speaks to our client satisfaction. We are proud of its track record of success and aggressive growth supported by exceptional service. 

Dental Network

Provides access to over 209,000 dental practice locations and credentialed providers throughout the U.S. Claims repricing is available on services ranging from general dentistry and cleanings to root canals, crowns and orthodontia (braces). This network can be tailored to fit insured groups of all sizes.

Pharmacy Network

For insureds without prescription coverage, you can access World Medical Care’s pharmacy network, which provides savings of up to 85% savings off retail prices. Any FDA-approved medications are available within this pharmaceutical network. Brand name and generic options are available; savings are usually greatest for generic options.

Transplant Network

Access to over 125 hospitals with more than 450 adult and pediatric credentialed transplant programs at internationally recognized, U.S. Centers of Excellence. All network facilities meet enhanced volume and outcomes standards, using a credentialing process that requires data updates annually, and re-credentialing every three years.